What We Do

We provide franchising, marketing and hrm services to help support business development and growth.

Are you finding that you require greater insight to identify where your business needs to be in the future and how you are going to get there?

Do you lack the knowledge, skills or time required to develop a strategy and plan?

If you are looking for support, we can provide the resources and capabilities required to achieve your business objectives and growth potential.

Our services include development of franchise partnership arrangements, strategic marketing and hrm support, a mastermind group and 1:1 coaching.

Connect203 can help you develop a strong strategic foundation that will allow you to?

  • Gain an oversight of your business so that you can make informed decisions about the future direction you wish to take
  • Reduce the burden of managing the development of growth strategies and plans
  • Clarify and achieve the aims and objectives set for your business
  • Understand the internal and external environment in which your business operates
  • Identify the Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators associated with growing your business
  • Develop realistic franchising, marketing and hrm strategies and plans
  • Identify key customers to target
  • Connect with customers by understanding how prospects turn into customers through the buyer journey

How much will this cost?

We tailor the cost to meet your needs. 

Our support can be costed on a day rate, retainer basis for one or two days per week/month or one-off project fee.  The rate depends on the complexity of the work.

Book A Free Consultation Meeting

By taking advantage of our free consultation meeting, you’ll gain the feedback needed to pursue your business aims and objectives.

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