Website Design Strategy

What is a Website Design Strategy?

We can work with you to develop strategies for your website.

This may include developing a search engine optimization strategy, design or content strategy.

Franchise Development Website Design Strategy

As a franchisor/franchisee you will need a website design strategy for your franchise development plan.

The key elements of website design strategy offered to our clients are set out below.

Define Your Target Audience

Defining your target audience and segments will help to define your digital marketing strategy. Buyer persona creation is an important starting point that will help you tailor your marketing activities.

Establish Your Goals

It’s important to identify why you are creating a website. Your website strategy should include clear goals. Goals might include increasing leads, increasing search engine optimization, convert a higher percentage of visitors to your site to convert them into leads.

Determine Your Brand Strategy

Establishment of your brand identity is critical in connecting your target audience and positioning your business in the market your are in. 

Create a Site Map

Your site map should provide a framework for the structure of the website before it’s built. 

Perform Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords for your website is critical for your website strategy. 

Write Content

Writing content that includes the keywords you have identified will help optimise your copy for those keywords. 

Develop Responsive Website

With so many people using mobile devices and tablets, it’s important to make sure your website responds to different browser sizes and types. 

Build Landing Pages

By building each page as a landing page, each page has the ability to stand alone, if required. This can be useful if you advertise or start an email marketing or other campaigns. 

Create An Analytics Strategy

An analytics strategy is important for several reasons. You can see how your campaigns are performing, how each page is performing and make data-driven decisions.

Implement and Control

The existence of a control process will identify where your business stands in relation to a future position. Progress towards your overall business objective can be observed, measured and redirected if any gaps appear in your actual and desired position. 

Identifying the key success factors that reflect your businesses most important objectives will provide a basis for establishing appropriate performance measures, determining the allocation of resources. 

Performance measures may include: page visits, referrals, social media channel traffic.

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