HRM Research

HRM research is needed to build upon existing knowledge and identify solutions to current problems.

What is HRM Research?

HRM research is the process of ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of human resource management. 

Research on HRM activities provides an understanding of what works and what doesn’t, what needs to change and the nature and extent of change.

Franchise Development HRM Research

As a franchisor/franchisee you will need HRM research to develop your franchise network.

As your network grows you will need to know what’s working and what isn’t and what needs to change. 

The key elements of HRM research offered to our clients are set out below.

HRM research will enable you to learn about your employees.

Together, we can design surveys for you to poll employees and identify levels of employee satisfaction or employee needs and expectations.

HR Research Process

To begin the research process the following steps need to be taken.

Define the Problem

The most important aspect of the research process is to define the problem to be addressed.

Develop the Research Plan

Information needs to be gathered relevant to the research objective.  This may include: primary and secondary data sources; the research approach to be undertaken, for example, observational research, ethnographic research, focus groups, surveys, behavioural data, experimental research; sampling plan; contact methods.

Collect the Information

The methods for collecting the data need to be adopted.

Analyse the Information

At the stage the data needs to be organised in a way that analysis can be obtained.

Present the Findings

The findings are presented.

Make the Decision

Decisions can then be taken on the outcome of the research. 

Other HRM Strategy Services Offered Include:

Any of the above strategies can be used in franchise development.

Everything we do is backed by research

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