Email Marketing Strategy

A small list that wants exactly what you're offering is better than a bigger list that isn't committed. Ramsay Leimenstoll

What is an Email Marketing Strategy?

An email marketing strategy is a procedure that identifies and achieves desired marketing goals using an email as a direct advertising channel of communication with a targeted audience.

Franchise Development Email Strategy

As a franchisor/franchisee you may need to develop an email marketing strategy to target potential customers.

The key elements of an email strategy offered to our clients are set out below.

We can work with you to create emails that communicate with your audience and facilitate the path through the sales and marketing funnel.

Situational Analysis

For the simple reason that an email marketing strategy is linked with marketing strategy. A complete understanding of your business and its objectives needs to be developed. 

Accordingly, the strategic direction for any emailing decisions must be underpinned by a comprehensive analysis of your business, the market, competition and the environment in which you operate.

Setting Email Marketing Goals

Setting your email marketing goals will depend on your overall marketing strategy.  You may want your marketing emails to serve the following purpose, increase customer engagement, raise loyalty, maximise return on investment, or maintain relationships with your clients.  

Email Marketing Tools

An email marketing strategy will require the right tools to automate the process, as well as other useful features.

Determining Target Audience

You will need to identify your target audience, so that you can build an email subscriber list.

List Building

There are various ways of building a subscriber list, we can work with you to increase your email marketing list.

Segmenting Mailing Lists

Highly effective email campaigns require segmenting. We can work with you to segment your mailing list based on what is right for our business.

Creating Emails

The choice of email style you choose to send depends on the aim of your specific campaign. We can work with you on various email campaign types.

Email Scheduling

You will want to ensure that your emails are read. This will require research to find out the best time for sending your emails.  We can work with you to carry out the necessary experiments and determine the best time to send out your emails to potential customers.

Email Content

Successful email campaigns require the right message, format, text size depending on the type of email you are sending out. 

Email Optimisation

As the majority of potential customers are likely to open emails on their mobile devices, it makes sense to optimise your email content for mobile to reach your audience.

Conducting Split-Testing

With A/B testing, you will be able to determine what email copy works best by swapping different aspects of your email, for example, Call-to-Action, images, headlines etc.

Monitoring and Control

Feedback on the performance of your email campaign will provide you with the information required to improve the performance of your campaigns.

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