Franchise Management Mastermind

Developing a successful franchising strategy and plan is a a challenge.

Do you need help and support?

Why not become a member of our Franchise Management Mastermind? The group can work with you on the issues and challenges you’re currently facing.

Connect203 Strategic Management Mastermind Group

Meet and share your expertise, solve franchise development, marketing and HRM challenges. Develop actionable integrated strategic plans and seize new opportunities through networking. This is all done under the guidance of a qualified facilitator.

Who is the Franchise Mastermind Aimed At?

The Franchise Management Mastermind is aimed at owners and managers of businesses who are struggling with developing a franchise strategy and plan.

If you want to identify solutions to your franchise challenges or barriers this can be done with the help and participation of other Mastermind members.

As a member of the Mastermind meeting you will participate in a confidential and structured board setting.  Where you will learn from the experience of other Mastermind members and identify solutions to your franchise, marketing and hrm issues and challenges.

Each Mastermind meeting takes place monthly and will last for approximately 2 hours. There will be an opportunity for networking with other members prior to and following the meetings.

How is the Franchise Management Mastermind Structured?

Each Mastermind meeting attracts 8-10 members and is structured in the following way:

  1. Member introductions.
  2. Presentation on one aspect of franchise strategy and planning. This provides the foundation for developing an integrated strategy and plan for your business overtime.
  3. Each member shares a franchise, marketing or hrm issue or challenge they would like to discuss with the group.  As a consequence, you will gain an individual perspective from each board member.
  4. Each member then asks questions to clarify the situation and offer advice on how they would manage the issue or challenge.
  5. This results in a list of goals for each member to achieve during the next month, quarter or year.
  6. The achievement of these goals will be followed up at subsequent meetings to create a sense of accountability. Additionally, board members can provide advice and support, if necessary. 
  7. An agenda is set for the next meeting.

The meetings are facilitated by a Chartered Marketer and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.